Wednesday 4th March 2015
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Tue 22nd September 2009

Chesapeake has helped to develop a striking pack for Bacardi for its world leading premium gin, Bombay Sapphire. The pack, which is the result of close collaboration between Chesapeake and its suppliers, Bacardi and the design agency, Webb Scarlett de Vlam, incorporates a series of captivating 3D bubbles that are so life-like you feel compelled to touch the carton.

The 3D feature simulates the effect of looking at Bombay Sapphire’s distinctive glass bottle through a series of lenses. The life-like perspective produces the impression of both depth and the effect of raised embossing which provides the pack with a tactile quality.

Janet Shipton, Chesapeake’s Divisional Design and Development Director, said, “Bacardi wanted a pack that was eye-catching but reinforced the brand’s qualities. 3D techniques have been used on packaging before but this takes the effect to a new level, which tested our skills in both repro and print. We were delighted with the results which have to be seen to be believed. It is very difficult to hold the gift pack without trying to push your finger into one of the bubbles or rub your hand across its surface.”

The new carton, used for Bombay Sapphire’s 1 litre pack, will be available from leading travel retail outlets. The carton, produced at Chesapeake’s operation in East Kilbride, is printing in 7-colours plus a satin varnish, with reverse print on board-to-board laminate. Janet Shipton went on to say, “The key to the carton’s success was with repro and print which had to be 100% accurate to ensure we got the best from the effect. Print registration was also critical demanding constant attention to detail.”